Diversified Services

Snapshot of Virtue services and local brands

Primary & Multi-Disciplinary Care

  • GP and multi disciplinary team
  • Supports integration of services across residential and community facilitating product and pathway design for local needs

Care Homes

  • 14 homes and circa 1,400 beds
  • 2 Greenfields and various extensions at different stages of development process including a prime Care Home under development in South Dublin
  • Highest qualitative positioning in market deployed through local brands

Home Care

  • Home Care services provided to c. 3,000 clients across multiple CHO’s via our three quality focused Home Care providers

Disability Services

  • Platform Entry to service provision within de-congregated community disability houses on the immediate horizon

Assisted Living

  • Strategic Partnership with non consolidating sister development company
  • BUA has a Strategic Partnership secured with older persons Approved Housing Body as the core developer providing access point to development and operating footprint
  • Target for BUA of 1,500 units over 7 years with initial site secured
  • Provides opportunity for service provision from Virtue


What is Virtue

Virtue is a leading integrated care group


Virtue’s locations and routes to existing footprint